Friday, 29 May 2009

Repair My Credit Now, also known as RMCN Credit Services, has the makings of a really good site. The site represents a Texas-based company that helps people with bad credit improve their scores. Their program focuses on helping people clear errors and settled accounts from their credit reports.

The site also includes a charming list of testimonials from satisfied customers, including pictures of people smiling in front of the things they've been able to buy on credit because of their improved credit scores. The pictures of people in front of their homes are heart warming. The pictures of people in front of their SUVs, not so much.
Here is a customer testimonial:

Hello Beau Millhollon, It was a GREAT PLEASURE doing business with you. Only God knows how many companies I have used and they all disappointed me. I wish I started earlier, but it is never late for a beginner. With what I know now, I can pay more than twice of what your fee is, because I have saved more that ten (10) times, just on interest rates alone. Few months into the program, I bought a 2007 Toyota 4Runner at 12.5% rate. Late last year, I bought a 2008 Toyota Sequoia at 0%. Last month I bought a preowned Grand Marquis at 6%. I have two (2) Visa cards (Chase Bank and Toyota Financial). I can get more if I want. The truth is, if this was written by another person, I would not have believed it. Feel free to quote me for any skeptics. If they continue to be doubtful, they can give me a call or email me. I do sincerely appreciate the work you have done. Thanks, Ramey M Very Satisfied Customer

This site has a lot of good information in it. If I ever run up against errors in my record, I'd consider getting credit help from this company. Although the site lacks some polish, it is informative and inspires confidence in the company behind it.
If you do feel like you’re in need of a rmcn credit services, then is exactly what you need. Simply by contacting them, they will come up with a plan of action for removing the derogatory marks on your credit report and help you throughout the entire process.