Sunday, 24 August 2008

Video Game Testing

Become A Video Game Tester Now. takes you through the entire process of what it takes to get your first video game testing gig and even offers resume and industry advice. It s a realistic guide to the steps you will actually have to take if you want get a job as a game tester with any of the larger gaming companies. A lot of sites give you out dated information which makes a lot of guides useless. I did not have that problem with iGameTester at all. They have connections with Nintendo Rock Star Take Two EA Sony and many other companies and they re good when it comes to any platform or console. Some places you may start with will only offer access to a game tester job that test dinky online PC games. Really though everyone wants to test and preview the new high quality stuff and not get paid very small amounts to test out small games. Through iGameTester I actually got a job testing Halo even though it was only two levels and my friend managed to get Spore!
If you really want to become a video game tester then you should check this out. It s defintely worth the . that you only pay once so you won t waste time and money. You can login anytime and check their updated listings. This good looking site uses Paypal which is super secure and offers a money back guarantee. This is a good sign since if it were a scam there d be no way to get your money back .