Monday, 28 July 2008

Development of Online Casinos

A quite recent development in the world of Online Casinos is the Live Dealer Casino where you can watch a real dealer spin the roulette wheel or turn over the blackjack cards on your screen. Live Dealer Casinos combine the accessibility and enjoyment of an online casino with the ability to watch live bets in action. You watch the action unfold in front of you.

Aside from the excitement playing live dealer blackjack online is also good because of the extra bonuses and promotions that can increase the number of chances that you have of winning in different games. The bonuses and promotions can win you extra credits that you can use to play more. More games equate to more chances of winning, naturally.

Live dealer roulette is played in the same way ordinary roulette is played. You make your bets by first clicking on the chip you want to bet, each chip carries a different value and then your bet is placed on the roulette table by clicking in the area you want to bet on.